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Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the most talked about topics today. Even millionaire businessman Mr. Dhammika Perera has expressed his views on these topics. The rapidly advancing computer technology has been able to integrate the creativity and analytical ability of human beings into the algorithmic equations in computer software. Technology is now so advanced that it can take months or even years to complete a task in a matter of hours.

Due to the process automation of computer software, especially artificial intelligence software with special capabilities, a digital worker has emerged who can provide a special hand to the human worker today. Recently, companies in the field of human resource management have reported that companies such as Amazon have submitted their job applications to artificial intelligence software for basic monitoring. The software now automatically reads thousands of applications and lists applicants who are considered suitable for various vacancies. Human resource officers use only the list of applicants selected by AI to call for interviews.

According to The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs and Skills report, 65% of today’s preschool children will be employed in the future. Many experts conclude that artificial intelligence software and technologies such as Big Data and Data Science are changing jobs, rather than losing jobs.

To take a simple example, when the car began to gain popularity in the early 20th century, thousands of horse-drawn car manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, and service providers for horses lost their jobs, but the automotive industry created hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs that required new skills. Computers, robots and artificial intelligence, as well as many new skills, will create hundreds of thousands of jobs for the technologically savvy youth.

Let’s Learn about Tsunami of Data

The amount of new data generated in the world today is estimated at about 2.5 billion gigabytes. This includes data generated by companies and governments in their dealings, data generated in the fields of education and research, as well as billions of photos and videos added daily to social networks.

There is a huge amount of information hidden in this big data tsunami. Billions of gigabytes of valuable information are hidden, such as consumer needs, their tastes, purchasing and behavioral patterns, political affiliation, purchasing power, education, and lifestyle..

This is why companies as well as countries that are conquering the business and technology world in the near future predict that they will become companies and countries that will take advantage of the insights that come from this huge amount of data mining. Insights into data are rapidly becoming the core competency of a business.

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