A young woman gets burn injuries due to an iPhone charger catching fire

Apple Charger in Fire

Apple is arguably the most valuable smartphone brand in the world right now. This is largely due to Apple’s high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

But you may recall that a few weeks ago, an Australian scientist filed a lawsuit against Apple. The reason for this was that Apple was unable to respond to his inquiries after his iPhone X device exploded.

A 17 year old girl living in Birmingham, England has been reported to have suffered burn injuries due to an Apple charger recently (March 18).

According to reports, this girl named Amie Hall has received burn injuries due to an iPhone charger catching fire. The incident happened when her blanket caught fire through the charger at night. Before she goes to bed, she connects her iPhone to the charger to charge it and keeps the iPhone in bed. She also suffered minor burns as a result of the fire that broke out suddenly at night. However, she and her mother managed to put out the fire before it spread.

Following the incident, she posted photos of the fire and a burning charging cable on Facebook, stating that she should be extremely careful when charging her smartphone at night and going to bed.

However, many of the smart phone chargers on the market today use a variety of technologies to prevent overcharging and overheating, and such a charger or charging cable cannot be expected to catch fire or spread. However, it is difficult to expect third-party products on the market to include these security measures.

However, Apple has already begun an investigation into the incident, and they have further stated that all their devices are manufactured with the customer’s standards in mind.

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